Un-Earthed: A festival of listening and environment

mushrooms that look like ears on a branch, collages with a building facade and text "unearthed a festival of listening and environment, crisap.org"

We're pleased to announce:

Un-Earthed: A festival of listening and environment

A critical celebration of our relationships with the environments that we share with other people and other species

Directed by Prof. Cathy Lane
Ongoing from Summer 2020

Globally, socially, politically and culturally things are changing faster than we possibly could have imagined. This new reality invites us to reconsider aspects of our lives and our entanglements with every-thing and every-body. 

Un-Earthed:  A  festival of listening and environment  is an ongoing series of events inviting both serious and more playful interrogations of current sound and listening practices and how they might help us reconsider our evolving relationships with other species, the built environment, truth and each other.


Read about the first two events in the festival, Audio Testimonies symposium & Acts of Air: Reshaping the urban sonic online exhibition.