Final episode of Listening Across Disciplines II on air this week, featuring CRiSAP

Listening Across Disciplines II’s final radio broadcast episode is airing this Wednesday 11th at 3.30pm on Resonance FM

This sixth episode features artists and researchers based at CRiSAP. Conversations reflect on artistic methods and practices of listening, and include subjects such as the environment, archives, data, bodies and more. Contexts that underpin discussions include migration, border studies, memory and documentation along with ongoing reflections on the role of technology, truth and audibility within sound orientated research. Interviewees include: Dr. Ximena Alarcon, Professor Angus Carlyle, Dr. Matt Parker and Syma Tariq.

Produced by Mark Peter Wright and Salomé Voegelin as part of the UK research council (AHRC) funded project Listening across Disciplines II, at the Centre for Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice, University of the Arts London.