Flaming Pines’ 100th album release: ‘Amazonian Traces of Self’ by Yifeat Ziv

Kate Carr's label Flaming Pines has just released its 100th album - 'Amazonian Traces of Self', by 2020 Oram Award winning, LCC MA Sound Arts Graduate, Yifeat Ziv.

'Experimental vocalist and sound artist Yifeat Ziv debuts on FP for our 100th release with her glorious exploration of sounding in the Brazilian Amazon. Some words from her text accompanying the release are below: "The forest reverberates my voice. The density of the trees and the thick canopy reflects sound waves and creates an echo as if I was singing in a closed space, maybe a chapel. I didn’t expect it. This echo feels like a mirror, it feedbacks my vocal intervention, reflecting traces of my own sound pollution in the Amazon’s dense soundscape." --- Yifeat Ziv'

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Album cover