Meet the Centres: Cathy Lane sharing the research directions of CRiSAP

"UAL Research Centres: Meet the Centres" poster with images for each centre

As part of this years UAL Research Season, a series of public and internal events celebrating the research across UAL, hear Prof. Cathy Lane speak on the research directions of CRiSAP.

Meet the Centres is an opportunity to hear the UAL research centre directors discuss recent research, exploring the themes of Environmental Change, Health and Wellbeing, Digital Futures and Community Resilience. The event aims to share latest research directions and range of expertise in centres, as well as showing how they address different and interrelated aspects of the UAL research strategy themes.

UAL's Research Centres are: Afterall; Centre for Circular Design (CCD); Centre for Fashion Curation (CfFC); Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF): Creative Research into Sound Arts practice (CRiSAP); Design Against Crime (DAC); Photography and Archives Research Centre (PARC); Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN); and Centre for Fashion Business and Innovation Research (CFBIR).


In the 15 years since CRiSAP was first established, sound arts has emerged and diverged into a plethora of artistic practices. This has been accompanied by the rise of sound studies. CRiSAP’s primary research has consistently developed practice and thinking about sound in relation with the environment, feminism and gender, voice and language, memory and sonic archives, improvisation, performance and sound writing, incorporating many disciplinary perspectives.

This presentation by Prof. Cathy Lane will focus on how the rise of listening as both a subject of study and a creative methodology unites these research areas and relates them to environmental change, health and wellbeing and community resilience.

The event will be opened by Professor Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research).


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