Leaky knowledge: Listening between bodies, technology and learning

This audio paper by Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright as part of the UK research council funded project 'Listening Across Disciplines II' reflects on the practice and teaching of auscultation – a medical technique for listening to the body with a stethoscope – in relation to how we know the body as a physiological and a political entity from its sound.

A conversation about learning how to listen to lungs with physiotherapist and lecturer Dr Debbie Thackray, University of Southampton (UK), is accompanied by ambient recordings of students as they negotiate the nuances of listening training. The paper is punctured with reflections, questions and critical dialogue by the authors, and aims to generate new knowledge about bodies and subjectivities, from a medical sonic praxis, taken as both operational and speculative.

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three people looking at a medical table in a hospital

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