RTM.FM Call for Contributions

CRiSAP Doctor and Associate Lecturer Kevin Logan is inviting contributions to his monthly radio show program on RTM.FM:


‘Dear Sound Art Practitioner,

I have recently started a monthly one-hour slot on RTM.FM and I am eager to open this up to both emerging and more established practitioners. The first episode can be found here- https://rtm.fm/listen/-a-bowl-releases/

The basic remit of this show is to showcase works by artists who are active on my pseudo-label £ a Bowl Releases. However, there is also a regular segment entitled ‘How to Do Things with Sounds’ where I give over 15-20 minutes of programme time to open call contributions.

Contributions should include an element of recorded dialogue, where the artist introduces themselves and their content to the listeners, followed by their audio work or works. The ratio of spoken content to audio work is open, but at least 20% of the contribution should be dialogue/discussion (also a creative combining of dialogue and sound work is very welcome). The intention is to introduce sound arts practice to an audience who may not already be familiar with it as a discipline, so for this reason an informal approach to the discussion of topics is preferred.

I would be particularly interested in having guests talk about their practice or motivation for making sound art and/or experimental music pieces. This might include such things as reflections on other artists practice or a particular piece of work (of any medium) that they have found inspirational, or how their life-experience and approach to working with sound is reflected in their creative outcomes.

If this is something that interests you, please send me content or contact me for further information

Kevin Logan



– – –



Read more about Kevin’s research at CRiSAP here.