Annea Lockwood LibGuide

screen shot of a library guide web page - image of annea lockwood smiling, an introductory text and tabs with information, these include "catalog of works"

Following Wild Energies Live Materials in April 2022, a three-day online event presenting research and artistic responses to the work of composer and sound artist Annea Lockwood, contributor Alexis Bhagat has now completed a LibGuide on Annea Lockwood's work in collaboration with our Library team here at LCC.

This LCC LibGuide is available online with public access. It is a work-in-progress guide to the work of artist and composer Annea Lockwood, not meant as an exhaustive collection of information, but rather a portal into the depth of Annea Lockwood's work and its impact. The LibGuide includes: 1) Catalogue of Works 2) References & Resources 3) Studies & Reception 4) Relationships.

If you would like to contribute a resource (book, article, dissertation title, or online video) to this guide, please send it to Alexis via the form on the LibGuide before September 15, 2022.

The LibGuide was created by Alexis Bhagat as a contribution to the Wild Energies conference, with support from Sandra Reed and Jayme Cheng at UAL Libraries and from Gerald Burke at University at Albany Libraries.

Alexis is a cultural producer living in New York’s Hudson Valley. He is the Executive Director of the Friends & Foundation of Albany Public Library, a founding member of St. Rocco’s Poetry Collective, curator at Fahrenheit 451 House in Catskill, NY, and is a student ('23) of Information Science at University at Albany. He has been involved with a variety of low-power FM, community radio, and hybrid radio initiatives, including a 24-hour 70th Birthday Broadcast for Annea Lockwood on Wave Farm radio. Read Alexis' full bio on the LibGuide.

Wild Energies: Live Materials was an online event in April 2022 presenting new and existing research and artistic responses to the rich variety of the work of composer and sound artist Annea Lockwood. A peer-reviewed selection of international artists and scholars who'd responded to a call for works and papers, presented a mix of video, sound, performance, workshops and scholarly papers grouped together under the overarching themes of Rivers & Tributaries; Ecologies & Entanglements; Voice & Intimacy; Collaboration & Care; and Methods & Materials. CRiSAP researchers also presented their individual research and the Keynote Conversation was by Annea Lockwood with fellow artist and friend Hildegard Westerkamp.