Kleefeld – Klangfeld, public art project in Bern by David Mollin and Salomé Voegelin

Artist with a group of seated children sat outside in the site

In 2017 Mollin+Voegelin, David Mollin and Salomé Voegelin, were awarded a CHF 175,000 (GBP 160,000) from the Kunstkommission Bern, to realise a public art project in Bern, Switzerland.

The project Kleefeld – Klangfeld will make the environment of a newly rebuilt local school in a culturally diverse area of the town into an ‘instrument’ to be listened to and sounded as a Klangfeld, as a sonic field, that makes audible the temporary and passing nature and use of the site: how it is inhabited by the local community in its diversity.

After a delay caused by the pandemic, Mollin+Voegelin have now finally started the realisation of the work with Jan Schacher, the first of five artists who will be collaborating on the project.


Read about the project and follow Kleefeld – Klangfeld on instagram for updates.