Making Do Vol. 1, new album by Kate Carr

album cover with the title 'Making Do' and artist name 'Kate Carr' in white text on blue shapes with a selection of objects, a leaf, a cog and a wire

"making do" is KATE CARR's series of monthly experiments involving limited numbers of everyday objects. Vol. 1 collects the first and fourth installments (October 2021 and April 2022) onto a single cassette.

Plastic cogs sigh and sputter, wet whistles echo through hollow logs, steel wool sings against zither strings, bits and bobs boomerang back and forth as KATE CARR constructs brilliantly playful sculptures of sound from the squish and squawk of the world of things.

Wibble and wobble on the fine line between field recording and foley work. Lend an ear to the imperturbable scritchings and scratchings of household relics patiently reimagined.

Released December 21, 2022 on TOOL USE, a small imprint and experimental archive exploring affect and artefact, assemblage and the epistemic object.

Download the digital album on Bandcamp